Welcome to Shaï Gourmet, welcome to my world.

Shaï is of Aramaic origins meaning a precious gift given to whom you love. Gourmet meaning the high qual ity food or del icacy that is unique in taste. However, to me it translates to the unique healthy l ifestyle that you give and share with your loved ones transcending food into a hol istic approach to wel l-being encompassing the mind, the body, spirit and soul.

I endeavored to use my knowledge and diverse background to come up with a myriad of products starting with my healthy cookbooks, cosmetics and media (TV and Radio shows).

For example, I personal ly used to think of healthy food as bad tasting food and I wouldn’t blame you if you had that fear too. However, consider this, the creator of these recipes comes from a diverse background. In other words, I am the result of the east meeting the west and therefore I do have a unique taste pal let. I always say: one third of your salary is spent on your food, so choose what you eat wisely.

In the process of making these books I considered ingredients that are common and easi ly found in your local grocery store. So, how you want to l ive your l ife is your choice and if you decide to couple these recipes with your workout routine/goals, you would simply maintain your weight, lose it, gain muscles or get fit whi le enjoying awesome tasty food.

In this webpage you wi l l have access to purchasing my cookbooks, my blog and my media coverage (TV & Radio shows).